Werewolves have the ability to shift into large ferocious Wolfs.

The Full Moon

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Wolves (loup garou, lycanthropes, werewolves) are ferocious beasts residing within humanoid looking humans. They are supernatural creatures that transform into hostile and vicious animals during the full moon. 


Werewolves resemble normal humans when they haven't shifted. When shifted into their wolf form, they look much like normal wolves except are larger and stronger, having stealth and agility on their side. There is only one form and that is the full werewolf form, no half shifting into a humanoid beast. A werewolf can heal quickly, unlike the human. A broken arm would take a few hours rather than a few weeks. In human form their eyes can indeed glow when tempers are raised. 


The moon's pull on the werewolf means everything, it's an ebb and flow of aggression and innocence. When
the moon is full, the wolf has no choice but to shift. When the moon isn't full, shifting is voluntary.
Born wolves can handle the moon better than bitten wolves, the moon forces all to shift but after a few
hours and the moon's pull lessons, the born can transform back if needed, the bitten stays as a wolf.
What ailments or physical disorders the humanoid form has, does transmit into wolf form as well, but
with slight benefits. In example, if your humanoid form is blind, your wolf form will only see vague silhouettes,
relying still on the other senses. 

Born Vs BittenEdit

Born werewolves are a dying breed, the pureness of their blood starting to fade as time passes and
their kind is hunted. Born wolves have it made, they can control their tempers, their transformation and
are natural predators.Only Born werewolves can make another werewolf when biting, and only during
the full moon unless they are the Alpha, or pack master.

Bitten are weaker than born werewolves but still have the strength and agility that comes with being a
werewolf. They cannot make another werewolf and their urges to kill and maim are stronger, harder to
control their anger issues. They are violent and need direction. 


Silver - Mild allergic reaction in small doses, lethal in large amounts
Wolfsbane - It is said that used correctly, this could cure a werewolf, or poison it.
Decapitation - If the head of a werewolf is dismembered, it results in death.
Removal of Heart - If a werewolves' heart is ripped out, it will cause instant death.
Magic - Witches & Warlocks are able to curse and inflict supernaturals aneurysms that cause the blood vessels of werewolves to explode. 

Ranks & OrderEdit

To ensure order within the pack, there has to be ranks.

Alpha | Pack Master

Beta Second in Command

Gamma Caretakers

Omega Bottom Totem

If Not Affiliated with the pack, your wolf is considered a Lone Wolf, this is dangerous. Wolves are stronger together so watch your tail.

Only one Alpha unless a mate is chosen and then they rule together until the original Alpha is killed or steps down. Can have multiple Betas, Gammas and Omegas. There will be ranks within ranks, such as 1st Beta and so on. The Alpha will make that decision. 

Things To KnowsEdit

  1. - A werewolf will register another werewolf just by smell
  2. - Knowledge of packs are known between other werewolves, inquire further for Alpha's.
  3. - Ranks within packs are not something known, ask the player in whisper
  4. - Any information about the pack or the Alpha will need to be asked about, don't assume.
  5. - Humans do not know about werewolves unless told or have had experience in the past. 

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