The Blood Lust

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Vampires are undead immortals who feed and survive on the blood of the living. Humans who have consumed vampire blood and died within 24 hours of doing so will rise undead. The nature of the human's death is irrelevant; however the body must be intact and able to function. Upon mortal death, the undead body will awaken in a state of transition. In order to complete the transition, within the next 24 hours the person must consume an exceptional amount of human blood or else they will die. Vampires can only feed on human blood to complete the process.

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Christian Graceland, The Leader of the Graceland Coven.

Blood is the main component of a vampire's diet. Whether it be animal, human or vampire, if a vampire fails to 
drink blood their body will become severely weak, and will ultimately desiccate into mummification. Blood (especially human blood) will not only satisfy a vampire’s thirst, but will also increase their supernatural abilities. The longer a vampire abstains from blood the more likely the vampire will lose all sense of their humanity and rationality until they finally give into their bloodlust. Due to their acute senses, a vampire can detect whether or not a human has recently consumed alcohol or drugs, because their blood tastes unclean and can leave a vampire with a nasty aftertaste.

Vampires themselves are extremely feral, predatory creatures, and far more beast-like and savage than their human appearance suggests. They growl, hiss, snarl, and curl their lips back baring their fangs as signs of aggression when provoked. When they sense danger, they will immediately evade the area.
The bite of a vampire can sever the limbs of both animals and humans, as vampires are known for having extremely sharp and strong teeth. Despite their nature, vampires are also capable of human emotions, such as compassion, love, and self-control. However the emotions of vampires are far more intense than the emotions of humans; anger, happiness, hate, love, etc. Whenever a vampire is faced with a powerful feeling (such as hunger, anger, happiness, love ect.) their faces transform into a paler complexion, while blood rushes to their eyes with small veins protruding around the area. Their canine teeth will lengthen into fangs, giving them a more predatory look to scare off or threaten their prey.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength

Vampires are much stronger than humans and grow stronger with time. Even new vampires who are still in transition can toss a fully grown human across a room with great speed and force.

  • Super Speed

Vampires can accelerate their movements to cover short distances in an instant, faster than the human eye can see. When running across long distances, they appear as vibrating blurs of motion.

  • Emotional Control

The supernatural ability to control and manipulate the emotions of one's self, and others.

  • Dream Manipulation

Vampires can control dreams and subconscious. The vampires can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming. Other effects of this ability is the distortion of reality and trapped in the dreams.

  • Enhanced Senses

They can hear whispered conversations, even ones in far off buildings, enhanced sense of smell especially for blood, and see in total darkness.

  • Mind Compulsion

Vampires have the ability to control minds, plague people's dreams, and alter/erase human memories.

  • Immortality

A vampire stops aging once turned. Upon their transformation, vampires then on become immune to all conventional illness, disease, virus and infection. The only known disease or infection that can kill a vampire is a werewolf bite.

  • Accelerated Healing

Vampires can snap their finger bones back into place after being broken and have been seen to fully recover from gunshots, stab wounds, and torso impalement.

  • Super Durability

Vampires can take a great amount of damage.

  • Fangs

Vampires can grow fangs which they use to feed, they might come out when a vampire is close to blood or angered.


  • Decapitation

The act of dismembering or removing the head of a vampire will result in permanent death.

  • Fire or Sunlight

The act of exposing a vampire to fire or sunlight will result in permanent death.

  • Vervain

The act of exposing or ingesting a vampire with vervain causes a vampire to become severely feverish and weak. Also, If a vampire's skin is exposed to vervain, it can result in burning them. Also vampires can't compel anyone on vervain.

  • Wood

The act of wounding a vampire with wood will cause the vampire to become severely weak and if a vampire takes a wooden stake through its heart it will result in permanent death.

  • Heart Extraction

The act of extracting or removing the heart of a vampire will result in permanent death.

  • Invitation

Vampires cannot enter a home without an invitation by the owner.

  • Magic

Vampires are susceptible to the powers of witchcraft including the creation of harmful magical objects.

  • Desiccation

Vampires who abstain from blood for extended amounts of time will eventually desiccate into mummification. A vampire must be fed blood to be revived from desiccation.

  • Werewolf Bite

The bite of a Werewolf is extremely lethal to vampires. It will cause them to hallucinate, grow severely weak and go rabid until it kills them.

  • Broken Neck

Breaking a vampire’s neck is a common way to subdue one, it will not kill them but it will keep them unconscious for several hours and when they are still unconscious they won't have a pulse and appear to be dead.

Things to KnowEdit

  1. - The Oldest Age for vampires created in this RP is 250 years.
  1. - There will only be SIX (6) vampires in the RP at any given time. A vampire slot is given to members of the RP that have proven to be very active in the RP and contributed to the furthering of RP storylines. Meaning, New members do not ask to make a Vampire.

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