Maturity is Strictly Required for this Role Play. 

There will be a lot of Mature elements and Graphic scenes within the story, please be advised. 

The RulesEdit

RULE #1 : As of Now there are only THREE races allowed to be created upon first joining: humans , werewolves and witches/warlocks are allowed in this fictional roleplay. Please make your character accordingly. No acceptions.

RULE #2 : No killing other characters without PERMISSION

RULE #3 : This is a Mature RP setting. No characters will be approved if they are NOT over the age of 17 years of age or older. No acceptions.

RULE #4 : There is absolutely no God Modding or Meta Gaming and you must conform to all of The Keep’s rules. No acceptions.

Rule #5 : You must be respectful to the mods. Their word is Law. If you don’t like it, or them, then don’t play.

Rule #6 : Leave the drama at the door! We deal with enough drama in RL, there is no need to bring it to something that is supposed to be for Fun.

Rule #7: All Characters Must be approved by a Moderator before playing.

Rules of Supernatural BreedingEdit

We understand that breeding will happen, however hybrids are strictly not allowed. A werewolf cannot have magical powers. There is no mixing the two breeds but that does not mean that they cannot reproduce. The following percentages are based on rolls. Both players must roll, meaning you have two chances for the outcome. Each outcome is determined by a 1d100 roll and percentages will determine the outcome. For this please ask a MOD.


FullMoon RP has it's own d10 Fighting system. Please read /WHOIS FMRPCombat to learn it. You may use this system or you may AGREE with each other to just RP the combat out.

Approval ProcessEdit

It comes in two steps.
1. Submit Sample Post--- [ Must be Para, Multi Para Highly encouraged.]
2. Get the profile you plan to use, Approved. The mod will then announce you to the room.
Profile formatting:
You should at least have some basics in your profile, for example:
Name; Age; Race; Location; Abilities; Weakness 

Your photo, we ask, to be a REAL PHOTOGRAPH. If this is really an issue you can talk to a mod about it. 

Moderator StaffEdit

Avery Lovette ( /Whois Avery ) | Head Mod | If I cannot be reached you may email me at Feel free to email or add to Skype.

Cinnabar Vaughn ( /whois Cinnabar ) | Head Mod |' Skype is tattered_doll, feel free to add (Make sure you give your TK name so I know who you are)

( /whois Landon ) | Co-Mod | 'Skype is 'Kyle.Berch2' Feel Free To Add.


[ Remember that all the mods have multiple characters so if you are unsure of their status, please ask.]
PROBLEMS: If you have any problems and go to a mod then understand that anything you say will end up in Mod Chat. The reason for this is so that the mods can all stay united.

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