Welcome to The Full Moon RoleplayEdit

Dallas, Texas.
Tucked away deep in the heart of Dallas Texas there are acres of woodlands just on the outskirts of the city. Built into what is now known as a state park. Hollow Creek State park holds over 20,000 acres of woodland, lakes, and rivers connecting to the gulf. The outskirts of Dallas are known to hold farms however they are merely fifteen minutes from downtown Dallas holding the fourth largest population in the United States. There are residents that live on the grounds of HollowCreek State park and there are others that live on the outskirts and in downtown Dallas.
Note: Completely fictional facts about the location.
The Lore of this Role Play is based on shows such as Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and others. Many things however are subject to change and ideas require approval from the Mods so please ask them if you have questions, Thank you.

Requirements & RulesEdit

As with all Role Plays there is a strict set of Requirements & Rules that must be followed to ensure that everyone in the game play had an enjoyable and fun experience.
They are there to benefit the players and to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally. 
You must refer to the Profile Requirements section of the Requirements & Rules page to understand what is required and looked for when making a new character for this Role Play.
Thank you for your understanding.
Fighting in the Role Play has it's own Combat System. Please be familiar and aware of the rules regarding it. 
How to contact the Moderators can be found in the Requirements & Rules page of this Wiki.
Please go to them for Questions or Help, Thank you.

Characters & RacesEdit

There are a number of races that live within Dallas, Texas and all of them have a story. There are both weaknesses and strengths to every race within the universe as well as differnet ways that they can be played and expectations behind each one
The Races are as Follows
 • Werewolves
 • Witches & Warlocks
 • Humans & Hunters
 • Vampires
There is possibility for the moderators to add more to the story line through story arcs that will try and involve anyone who is willing to join in. 

Places & LocationsEdit

This is a List of Common Locations that Players Post at. 

More will be added as the Role Play progresses. If you have a suggestion, please inform a Moderator, Thank you.

Hollow Creek State Park

Glory Lake

Frenchcreek River

Franks Watering Hole

Nova Luna Gym

Rosa's Café

Jefferson Park

Main Street Train Station

Rough Paw’s Veterinarian Clinc

HollowCreek Mortuary

The Tilted Cactus

First Baptist Church

Daniel’s Auto

Paws and Claws Animal Shelter

The HollowCreek Library

Skylight Cinema

Booby Trap

Daisy Lanes Bed & Breakfast 

Sky Limits Motel

Wolf's Heart Cemetery

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