Lambs Or Lions? 

Hello Little Humans...


Humans are mortal, living normal, average lives and most of them live and die without finding out about the supernatural living right next door. Whether oblivious or fully in the know, humans present no special properties, just regular humans unless turned into a wolf on the full moon by the Alpha.
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Peter Decker, a Supernatural Hunter within Hollow Creek.


Lambs get slaughtered.
Lions fight back, becoming the dreaded supernatural Hunters
Hunters are Humans that know of the Supernaturals and doing everything in their power and capability to stop them. They can be armed with any number of weapons used to fight Vampires , Werewolves , and other things that go bump in the night.
There might be more to the Hunters than what is currently known...

Things to KnowEdit

  1. - Either your character knows about the special others (Supernaturals), or they are oblivious. Ask in whisper first.
  2. - The town is a small country town, basically farmlands with a smaller downtown, on the outskirts of the major city of Dallas.
  3. - Only a select few humans know about the realism of supernaturals, if you wish to play one that is fine, please go through basic channels of whispering to see how much of each faction your character would know about. 

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